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Differences between New HF and Old HF
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Enter the classic world of Lineage II New High Five
and discover the magic of how it all began.

Chronicles - New High Five

Our team is reviving our favorite High Five chronicles — and bring back that same atmosphere of the game, those pleasant evenings when you and your friends/clans in a party farmed different locations, emotions when you knock out a treasured item, be it Valakas’ Necklace or Vorpal Pants, battles between players/clans, where your success depends on your playing skills , and not on the amount of money invested on the server. We want to convey to you the atmosphere and opportunities that made these chronicles so special.
We have the opportunity to install any of the Classic chronicles, but these chronicles are the “golden mean” to start the server, and dividing the stages "Classic by era".  


New game build

The official game client redesigned for the New High Five chronicles is your ticket to a completely recreated classic version of Lineage 2 with all the right mechanics included, including the exact interaction of damage, debuffs and much more.


Stages and dynamic rates

We take into account the experience of the official server, where the stages of the game continued from patch to patch with a duration of six months, and we understand the importance of such a division for the equal development of players. While we don't plan to have such long intervals, we will still implement stages into the game to provide players with a similar level of progression.

Наши стадии развития позволят вам наслаждаться игрой в своем собственном темпе, давая возможность заниматься другими делами и оставаясь примерно на одном уровне с остальными игроками. Вы сможете чувствовать уверенность в том, что вас не обгонят на 20 уровней, и наслаждаться игрой, зная, что у вас есть время и пространство для развития.


Lineage 2: New High Five is an opportunity to return to a nostalgic atmosphere and relive an era when massive PvP battles and social interaction were much more significant. Plunge into a unique world where your progress and achievements have real value, and every decision can have important consequences.

Lineage 2: New High Five Features:

  • Lineage 2 New High Five is based on the official classic chronicles of the game, allowing players to recreate the true feel of the game in its golden era.
  • Without Pay2Win: Lineage 2 New High Five excludes payment systems that give an advantage to paying players. Here all players have equal opportunities and achievements depend on their skills and efforts.
  • Unique Gameplay: Lineage 2 New High Five features original game mechanics with minimal changes that enhance the gameplay. A variety of classes, distribution of roles, PvP battles and group raids - all this makes the gameplay exciting and unpredictable.
  • Sophisticated Economy: Particular attention is paid to the economy of the game, where players can earn money from the market, trading and crafting. Important aspects are the value of characters, adena and equipment, which gives real value to each item.
  • Large Community: Lineage 2 New High Five attracts a huge number of adult players who appreciate the classic style of play and are willing to invest time and effort into developing their characters. Here you will find a vibrant international community and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.
  • Long-term server: Lineage 2 New High Five is a long-term project that offers players stability and the opportunity to enjoy the game for a long time. The project administration values ​​players and strives to create the best conditions for their development and satisfaction.
Main features

High-Five is the last L2 chronicle in the classical sense, before its complete reworking in Goddess of Destruction. It retained the classic gameplay of Lineage 2, but added many innovations and improvements. Here are some of them:

  • Increasing the maximum level to 85. This allowed players to get new skills, new equipment and new zones for leveling up and PvP.
  • Adding attributes to weapons and armor. Attributes are special properties that increase or decrease elemental damage. For example, if you add the fire attribute to your sword, you will deal more damage to targets with the water attribute, but less damage to targets with the earth attribute. Attributes can be added using stones and crystals that fall from mobs or are bought for Olympics points.
  • Changes to the system of clans and alliances. New functions have been added for clans and alliances, such as the ability to create academies for beginners, increase the clan level to 11, receive special bonuses for the clan level, and participate in sieges of territories , create your own castles in the territories, use special skills of the clan and alliance.
  • Changes to the Olympics system. The Olympics is a special PvP mode where players compete for the title of hero. In High-Five the following changes were made to the Olympics: adding new stadiums; changing the number of points and battles for participation; changing the selection of opponents based on similarity of points; change in the number of spectators in stadiums.
  • Simplification of leveling. The amount of experience from mobs has been increased, and the amount of experience required to increase levels has also been reduced (from 78). Thanks to this, leveling up to the maximum level has become easier and faster.
  • Interface improvements. High-Five offers a modern, intuitive interface that has many useful features such as searching for clan, group, recipes, items, quests, character information, etc.
Why should you play New High Five?

High-Five is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the classic Lineage 2 gameplay, but without giving up new features and improvements. The game combines the best of old and new, offering players varied and interesting content.

  • Pump up in different zones. The game has many zones for pumping up different levels, where you can meet different mobs, bosses and players. You can choose zones depending on your playstyle, preferences and goals.
  • Participate in PvP. High-Five is a paradise for PvP lovers, as here you can fight in different arenas, stadiums, sieges, territories and just in the open world. You will be able to show your skill, receive fame and rewards for your victories.
  • Create your own clan or alliance. The game gives you the opportunity to create your own clan or alliance and develop it together with other players. You will be able to receive bonuses for your clan level, participate in sieges and territorial wars, use special skills and much more.
  • Become a Hero. High-Five gives you the chance to become an Olympic hero if you show your skills in PvP. Heroes receive special privileges, such as: unique weapons and armor; special skills; the ability to speak in hero chat, as well as trigger a hero buff, etc.
  • Enjoy beautiful graphics and sound. High-Five has beautiful graphics and sound that create the atmosphere of the game. You will be able to admire various landscapes, spell effects, character animations, etc. You can also listen to high-quality music and sounds that highlight the mood of the game.

Comparison of Old High Five and New High Five

Chronicles Economy Class balance Mobs, AI, Stats, Drop Olympics Game engine


Old High Five




New High Five



One of the main advantages of a premium account is an increase in the speed of gaining experience and obtaining resources. This means that you will be able to level up and develop your character faster, as well as receive more resources for crafting and trading. 

It should be noted, however, that a premium account is not required for a full gaming experience. You can still enjoy the game and achieve success without it. Deciding whether to purchase a premium account depends on your preferences and capabilities.

Detailed information about the premium account

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Premium Account
+50% +60% +50% +50% Depends on days
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